Will friends like these damage Becky Blakes future prospects in politics

Becky Blake meets local residents or the brother of former Labour Councillor Clive Cheetham.

Looks like Becky is following in the footsteps of other Labour candidates of only meeting known supporters and Labour Party members (then claiming in the local press she is out and about meeting REAL people.

http://yfrog.com/jwailz Becky meets members of Batchley Support Group again a Labour Party member and former Labour Councillor.

Becky Blake is best known in Redditch for wasting  £644,000 on the doomed Redditch AIR Festival

He may be a resident but she didn’t say he was the brother of a former Labour Councillor who still stands as a  Labour candidate in elections in Winyates

Becky meets members of Batchley Support Group again a Labour Party member and former Labour Councillor. http://yfrog.com/jwailz

THE Redditch Labour Party has selected its Parliamentary Candidate to fight the next General Election.

Rebecca Blake, current councillor for Greenlands Ward, was selected by local party members.

Ms Blake was the only local candidate, coming ahead of outsiders from Birmingham and London.

She said: “I am very grateful to my local party for having chosen me to represent Labour as their Parliamentary Candidate and I would like to say thank you to them.

“They know I am serious about doing all I can to help people make the most of their lives.

“Having grown up in Redditch, going to local schools, working here and representing local people I have a good idea of what I would like to achieve for my home town.”

Becky Blake worked for Jacqui Smith until she lost her seat at the last General Election and is best known for wasting  £644,000 on the doomed Redditch AIR Festival.

Will friends like these damage her future prospects in politics?

It reads like a rogues gallery of the Redditch Labour party and  they have all served as elected Councillors in Redditch and have one thing in common

They have all been damaged by sleaze or have been disgraced.

In some cases both.


FORMER Labour Council Leader David Cartwright defended the £644,000 cost of the AIR Festival saying at full council Meeting “that it was in Labour’s manifesto – they made a promise and stuck to it”.


He even suggested this was not public money as it came from reserve balances. It was disingenuous of him to say this.

I am absolutely amazed at his continued arrogance and lack of concern for the wider implications of his party’s actions being felt in the town with all the proposed budget cuts.

Now we all will be counting the cost of the AIR Festival and a Labour-run administration for many years to come when it affects the council services we take for granted.

The cuts we now may have to accept as inevitable may not have been necessary had the Labour group kept their eye on the bigger picture instead of delivering an event which has put Redditch on the map for totally the wrong reason – cuts to vital services.

How unfortunate the AIR Festival may now be only remembered for sounding the death knell of services instead of re-energising the town.

Counting the cost of festival

A TORY councillor claims the former leader of Redditch Council “pooh-poohed” all warnings before the AIR Festival – which led to a £644,000 bill.

Councillor Mike Braley said David Cartwright was warned about capacity, resources available, timing and organisation needed for such an event.

After dismal ticket sales, the Labour group decided to give away free tickets to the two-day music festival.

Mr Braley said: “My colleagues warned Mr Cartwright about what needed to be considered before embarking on this ambitious project but he simply pooh-poohed them.

“This debt will exist for years to come.”

He added: “This was a scandalous waste of public money.  Phil Mould is a level-headed man and I hope he’ll help his colleagues see the light when it comes to a possible 2006 festival.”

But Mr Cartwright said: “We said we’d bring a huge festival to Redditch and we delivered.

“Up until the last minute, we were told what the costs would be. The figures were very different to the large figures we ended up with. We as politicians did all we could.”


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